Black and White Photograph of Ernest FescoI believe in shaping complex ideas into simple concepts, consolidating a philosophy into a unique statement. I look to construct the language that connects message to function, inviting notice through fresh and bold imagery.
I believe that the designer should first be a listener, approachable and receptive to the client, and then a conduit through which the client can find voice for their message. I strive to learn the client, to engage through my natural curiosity, to forge within myself a like experience that reflects the client’s personality and allows me to share their vision.
I believe in the power of typography to bring clarity to a message, conveying conviction and imprinting a concept. I search in the roots and structure of typography for the bridge that suits the emotion of the client and appeals to the audience the client wants to reach. I seek to create well-crafted solutions with a sensitivity to space with type, finding the aesthetic within the practical, stripping an idea down to its essence and giving it a distinct identity.